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Individual tuition

LPMS specialises in voice, piano and music theory tuition.

LPMS offers individual Singing lessons in Classical, Music Theatre, Folk, Jazz and other Popular styles to children (aged from about 7), teenagers and adults. Students learn to acquire and develop the proper vocal and performing skills such as voice projection, breath control, clear diction and good posture - techniques needed to give confident and convincing performances.
LPMS offers individual Piano lessons to children and adults at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Tuition is tailored to suit the individual learner, whether young or old, so that each can progress at their own pace. This will ensure that interest and motivation is maintained. From the very beginning correct fingering techniques are empahsised to ensure flexibility and smooth progression to higher levels.
LPMS offers tuition in Rudiments and Music Theory at all levels to children and adults. Students engage in enjoyable activities to help understand the theory behind the practice of music.
LPMS will prepare candidates to take Music Board (ABRSM, LCM or TCL) graded examinations levels 1-8 in singing, piano and theory and diplomas in singing (all levels) and piano (up to first diploma). Diplomas can be taken at First Diploma, Associate and Licentiate levels and successful candidates may append the appropriate letters after their name (eg. DipLCM, DipABRSM, ALCM, LLCM)
Candidates who pass grades 6-8 may claim up to 75 UCAS points for university entrance.